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Jaro Stone and Tony Conrad

I am partial to sexy young Twinks like Jaro Stone, but hey, I have a wide interest. It is just that when twinks are on their game, man there is nothing that can stop such a force of nature. I do like a guy who won't quit till he's drained.
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Chip Young and Beau Reed

The feel of a raw cock is awesome, even if today's condoms can come close to duplicating that feeling. Still, I do enjoy thinking of a nice hard thick raw cock pounding in. Course these guys, well they do know how to pound a hole, don't they?
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Hugh Hunter and Vinnie Stefano

There really is something special when you get two beefy guys together, with nice fat cocks, and all they can think of, is how to fill every orifice with the other's tasty hunk of meat. No wrapping, just plain old fashioned ass fucking and throat stuffing.

Raw Rent Boys

When you want it badly, well good thing you have some extra cash on hand. I mean come on, that cock is worth it, and while he knows it, so do you.